MS Dhoni’s Comments on Electric Vehicles Spark Controversy on Social Media

MS Dhoni’s Comments on Electric Vehicles

Famous Cricketer MS Dhoni has found himself in the middle of a social media storm after making comments about the future of electric vehicles. In a video, Dhoni was promoting a new electric vehicle but his comments (Electric vehicles are not the solution) about the future of the EVs have not gone down well with some social media users.

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MS Dhoni’s Comments on Electric Vehicles

Dhoni in Controversy on Electric Vehicles

Dhoni can be seen test-driving the brand-new car and discussing its characteristics in the video. But, it was his remarks regarding the development of electric vehicles that caused a stir.

When Dhoni said that “the future is not yet clear for electric automobiles,” some social media users believed that he wasn’t being sufficiently supportive of the technology. Some of them don’t like MS Dhoni’s Comments on Electric Vehicles and said that he should only talk about the cricket.

Reality of Dhoni’s Comment on Electric Vehicles

Notwithstanding the criticism, Dhoni’s remarks included some truth. While growing in popularity, there are still many issues that prevent the widespread use of electric vehicles. The absence of charging outlets for electric vehicles is one of the main problems.

Long-distance use of electric vehicles may be more challenging for consumers if there aren’t enough charging stations available. In India, the cost of electric automobiles is still higher than that of their gasoline-powered counterparts. And for many customers, it can be a barrier.

Future of Electric Vehicles

The future of electric vehicles, however, is also filled with plenty of reasons to be optimistic. The increased range and lower cost of EVs thanks to advancements in battery technology.

To help individuals buy electric vehicles and help them get beyond some of the financial obstacles, many governments around the world are offering good incentives and tax benefits. But some social media users trolling MS Dhoni’s Comments on Electric Vehicles.

Growing Market of Electric Vehicles

The market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly across the world. This growth is based on some factors, including increasing consumer demand, advances in technology and government policies.

The global market for EVs estimated at 80.7 Million Units by the year of 2030. That is growing at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.7% over the analysis duration 2022-2030.

Electric Vehicles and Climate

It is likely that we will see more famous personalities like MS Dhoni remarking on the electric vehicles. While we have to be overcome from some challenges but the future of electric vehicles is bright. Electric vehicles will be beneficial for reducing our need on traditional fuels and combating climate change.


While MS Dhoni’s Comments on Electric Vehicles have created controversy on social media, he highlights some important challenges that are still exists. However, there are various reasons to be positive about electric vehicles. Electric vehicles transform the way we travel.

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