Self Driving Electric Car 2023 | Amazon Robotaxi No Steering, No Driver

Self Driving Electric Car 2023

There is a high demand across the world of Electric Vehicles. Now, Self Driving Electric Car also coming into the market by Amazon and many more automobiles companies. Now a days AmazonRobotaxi has been launched in the market with other big players of automobile sector. These Robotaxi has no steering and no driver for driving a car, it’s interesting.

Self Driving Electric Car
Self Driving Electric Car

There are so many Self Driving Electric Cars are available already in the market and some of them are working on the concept of Driverless Cars like; Cadillac, Apple, Tesla, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, KIA, Volkswagen and Ford.

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Amazon Self Driving Electric Car (Robotaxi): –

Recently Amazon Self Driving Electric Car has been announced by company official. Amazon has also tested it on road. Zoox (Amazon’s self-driving vehicle unit) said that Amazon’s Robotaxi successfully carried passengers on the road with full safety.

Amazon’s Driverless car was fully self-operated vehicle on the roads for the first time. It tested on a mile-long route carrying company’s two buildings. Further we will discuss about the main features, specification, range, speed, design and benefits of this automated electric car.

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Self-Driving Cars Technology & Solutions: –

Driverless electric car technology is very good for future transportation system. It is highly efficient. It has made based on artificial intelligence.  Autonomous electric cars and artificial intelligence are transforming the way we live and work creating safer environment.

Amazon Zoox Self Driving Electric Car Top Speed: –

Company claims that it has performed with a good top speed on the road during testing. The top speed of Amazon Zoox Self Driving Electric Car is 120 kmph (75 miles per hour). However, it will be operated on 56 kmph (75 miles per hour) top speed between Zoom company’s two buildings.


Amazon Zoox Self Driving Electric Car Range: –

It is not clearly said by Zoox company that what is the exact range of Amazon Zoox Self Driving Electric Car. But level 5 driverless vehicles have a battery pack of 133 kWh that can be run for 16 hours continuously. Apart knowing this we cannot say about Amazon Zoox Self Driving Electric Car Range. Still we can say with a battery pack capacity more than 130 kWh can be run upto the range of 300 miles. However, it is not proved yet because this vehicle is in testing stage. 

Self Driving Electric Car
Self Driving Electric Car, Amazon Self Driving Electric Car, Zoox Self Driving Electric Car

Self Driving Electric Car Specification & Features:

  • Amazon Zoox’s Robotaxi is a “carriage-style” driving car, which means that passengers sit by facing each other.
  • This Robotaxi can go up to 120 kmph speed.
  • It can be derived continuously up to 16 hours on a single charge.
  • Four passengers can sit in this at a time.
  • This Self Driving Electric Car has bidirectional driving capabilities.  
  • The Four-wheel steering feature allows it to change directions without reverse and navigate.
  • Amazon Zoox’s Self Driving Electric Car doesn’t have any manual control like pedals or a steering wheel.
  • The car also equipped with an airbag system for safety on all four seats.
  • Cameras, radar and sensors are mounted on four corners of the car, removing “typical blind spots” and helping it to view on the road 270-degree field.

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Benefits of Self-Driving Cars: –

There are so many benefits of electric vehicles as well as Self-Driving Cars. Take a look here,

  • According to a research in the year of 2017, there were more than 37000+ accidents held. All these accidents were held due to human errors. Major causes of those accidents were drinking or destruction. Those will not be happened with self-driving cars. It’s estimated self-driving cars can reduce accidents by up to 90%.
  • Many reports have proved that self-driving vehicles can help to save billions of dollars each year.
  • These cars will be helpful for reduction in car crash-related strain on the healthcare system.
  • These will be more efficient for transportation.
  • Using these cars will also be helpful in savings fuel.
  • People with a disability would also be able to get a ride on self-driving car.
  • These cars will also be Environment friendly; not producing so much pollution in environment, no emission.
Self Driving Electric Car
Self Driving Electric Car Inner View

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Now, if you want to purchase autonomous electric car then you purchase the best self driving electric cars. If you don’t know about how to use self driving cars then you must understand all the functionality of these types of cars.

After that you can use these car easily. Although it is not required for any higher training to use these cars but yes you should understand all the functions in it.You can go to Zoox Official Website for any other information or booking.

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What cars are self-driving today?

·      Amazon Self Driving Electric Car (Robotaxi)
·      Mercedes-Benz EQS and Mercedes-Benz S-Class
·      Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-E
·      Lincoln Navigator
·      Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y
·      BMW X7
·      Cadillac CT6 and Cadillac Escalade
·      Volkswagen ID.4
·      Nissan Ariya and Nissan Rogue

What is an Autonomous Car?

A self-driving car (driverless car) is a vehicle that have a combination of sensors, cameras, radar and AI.

How to Start Self Driving Cars?

It can start like a normal car but these is no need to operate it manually.

Is this safer to use Self Driving Cars?

Yes absolutely, many experts says it is safer than human drivers but most of the countries have not been allowed such type of cars.

Who invented self-driving cars?

In General Motors exhibition, Norman Bel Geddes invented the first self-driving car. By 1958, General Motors had made this concept a reality.

Which country allow driverless cars?

UK (the United Kingdom), recently became the first country allowing autonomous cars on roads in the world.

Is Zoox a subsidiary of Amazon?

Yes, we can say because Zoox is owned by Amazon.

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