Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India | 2023 Launch date, booking online

Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India

Tata Nano is going to release electric car in India. You will get the information about the list of Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India state wise. It’s production was running between 2008-2018. Now, Tata Nano will revive soon with it’s new features.

Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India

Tata Nano is latest car of Tata Motors. It was world’s cheapest car for Rs 1 Lakh. Here, you should know TATA EV Car Launch Date so that you may grab the opportunity to be first to purchase this beautiful and efficient car.

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Tata Nano EV Price in India:

Tata Nano is working tirelessly for more production TATA Nano Electric Vehicles. Tata Nano EV price in India will be surely less so that people of India can make their dream true to purchase Tata Nano electric cars. It was also called as Lakhtakia Car (लखटकिया कार ).

People want to know Lakhtakia Car Price in India because many Indians would love to purchase this car. We will tell you the Tata Nano EV Car Booking process in few steps further.

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Tata Nano EV Features:

Let’s talk about features of tata nano electric car. Nano Electric Car is 4 sitters. Four people can sit at a time in Nano EV Car. Range of Tata Nano EV Car is 160 kilometer that is good enough. It reaches up to 60 kmph speed in just 10 seconds.

Battery in Tata Nano EV car is powerful Lithium-Ion battery. 72V architecture is used in Nano EV. Tata Motors says it gives you real car experience. Tata Nano is offering pollution free vehicles to Indian customers. 

Price4-6 Lakh INR
Range160 km (Aporox)
Top Speed80-120 kmph
Seating Capacity4 members
Battery Pack72V Architecture & lithium-ion batteries
Launch DateTo be announced soon
ManufacturerElectra EV
Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India

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Tata Nano EV Gift to Ratan Tata:

However, Tata Motors had to shut down its production units. Recently, Customised Nano Car was given to Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata was being very happy to see Tata Nano in New look and have taken a test drive himself.

Ratan Tata liked very much to 72V Nano EV. Since then there have been speculations that 72V Nano EV may be come in electric version in Indian market. However there is no official announcement by the side of company yet.

Ratan Tata with Tata Nano Electric Car

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Electra EV Given This Gift:

Ratan tata was the founder of Electra EV Company in India which was manufacturing powertrain already. Electra EV Company has customized TATA Nano (लखटकिया कार ) and form to new Electric Tata Nano Car.

Electra EV released this information itself on its LinkedIn account. They Said, Ratan Tata appreciated and liked Electric Nano Car with a test drive.

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Tata Nano Electric Car Mileage/ Range

Tata Nano electric car has not been officially announced yet. So, it is difficult to say something about tata nano electric car mileage.

However, Tata Motors has indicated that the Tata Nano EV 2023 will have a range of around 150-160 kilometers (93 miles) on a single charge.

But yes, actual Tata Nano Electric Car Range may vary based on various factors such as road conditions, temperature, and driving style.

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Tata Nano EV Launch Date:

Now talk about Tata Nano electric car launch date in India. Customers have to wait for a while for booking electric nano car in India. Electra EV is going to launch this lovely electric car soon in upcoming months.

Electra EV Company will release the news about Tata Nano EV Launch Date soon. Still company has announced the date for releasing of all features of Tata Nano EV Car that is 28 November.

Tata Nano Electric Car Price List:

Electro EV Company is trying to make Tata Nano car completely economical. Tata Nano Electric car price in India is expected to be around Rs 4 to 6 lakhs with all new features.

Complete Tata Nano EV Price List will be available soon state wise with on road price. There may be a little variation in Tata Nano car price state wise because of VAT or any other taxes.

Tata Nano EV Price in Delhi, Patna, Noida, Bangalore

CityTata Nano EV Price
Tata Nano Electric Price In Delhi4-6 Lakh INR*
Tata Nano Electric Price In Patna4-6 Lakh INR*
Tata Nano Electric Price In Lucknow4-6 Lakh INR*
Tata Nano Electric Price In Noida4-6 Lakh INR*
Tata Nano Electric Price In Bangalore4-6 Lakh INR*
Note: Tata Nano Electric Car price in India 2023 may vary according to location.  

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Tata Nano EV Car Booking Process:

Online Tata Nano Electric Car Booking will start after its launching. Process will be very easy for booking Tata Nano EV Car. Tata Nano Electric Car Price will be in budget in such states Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune etc. Steps to book a test drive or order booking for Tata Nano EV Car:

  • First of all you should go to the official website of Tata Nano EV Cars.
  • Then press on Book Now button/link.
  • Now, Fill required details such as personal information, billing address.
  • In the billing address you should select correct city and state with pin code.
  • After that you can find Tata Nano Electric Car Dealers in your city or state.
  • In case of any query you can also call on official contact numbers they will surely assist you.

Tata Nano EV Car Loan:

If you have reached to here that means you are interested to take experience of Tata Nano EV Car. Now come to the main point many customers want to buy Nano EV Car but they no enough money instantly due to previous EMI/ Loan related issues.

There is one solution of your problem; you may finance this car. Yes, you have not to pay complete amount of its cost but you need to pay a little amount in starting. Tata Nano EV Down payment and Tata Nano EV EMI will be clear later after its launch.  

Tata Nano Solar Car

A Businessman of West Bengal has Converted Tata Nano Car into a First Solar Version of Tata Nano. He Travels 100 Km by Tata Nano Solar Car worth Rs 30 Only. It shows that how people are crazy about Tata Nano Electric Car.

Tata Nano Solar Car
Tata Nano Solar Car Developed by Manojit Mondal

Manojit Mondal operates the solar-driven vehicles. He transformed Tata Nano into a solar electric driven vehicle. Now Mondal’s tata nano does not need more petrol fuel.

Also you will be amazed by knowing that it does not have engine in it. The creative person such as Mondal will help to reduce Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India.

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Manojit Mondal Faced Many Difficulties During Modification

To make his dream into a reality, Manojit encountered various challenges. With limited funding, he financed his research and experiments. Thus, progress was slow. He had to make the most of whatever resources were available to him.

Another challenge he faced was the technical complexity of modifying cars. Each car had unique features and custom parts had to be designed and fabricated for each car. This process required a lot of skill, patience and trial.

Also, he had to face the lack of government support, which was a significant barrier. Despite the potential of sustainable cars, the government did not show much interest in supporting Manojit’s efforts. This lack of support made it difficult for him to obtain the recognition and resources necessary to take his work to the next level.

Note: You are advised to buy Tata Nano Electric Car from authorised dealer or book online from Official Website to make you safe from fraudulent.


Question: Is Tata Nano Available in Electric?

Answer: Yes, Tata Nano Available in Electric but You can get a ride electric Nano in Bengaluru.

Question: What will be the price of Tata Nano Electric Car in India?

Answer: Expected Tata Nano Electric Car Price in India is around 4 lakh to 6 lakh INR.

Question: What is the range of Tata Nano Electric Car?

Answer: Tata Nano Electric Car Range is expected of 160 kilometers in a single charge.

Question: What is the Top Speed of Tata Nano Electric Car?

Answer: Tata Nano Electric Car Top Speed reaches up to 110 kmph (expected). It can obtain 60 kmph speed in just 10 seconds.

Question: Tata Nano Electric Car Launch Date?

Answer: In upcoming months it will launch but 28 November is expected.

Question: Tata Other Electric Vehicles available? Answer: Yes, two other models of Tata Motors have already been launched in India TATA Tigor EV and TATA Nexon EV. TATA Xpres-T is also electric car of Tata Motors.

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