EV's charging made easy Charging points set up at 50 places in three cities including Delhi-NCR

VIDA V1 rolls out its public charging infrastructure in Bengaluru, Jaipur and Delhi

There will be around 300 charging points in the three cities

Customer response has been very encouraging : EMBU Head Dr. Swadesh Srivastava

EMBU's next target is to expand the charging network in India and the global market.

Charging facility will be provided through portable battery.

“Will continue to promote change to EV's under “Worry-Free EV Ecosystem”


Intelligent platform is based on VIDA V1, makes it capable to run in learning.

Features :  Cruise control, boost mode, two-way throttle, keyless access

The two variants have removable battery and highly customizable VIDA V1 with three-way charging options (i) VIDA V1 Plus at Rs 1.28 lakh (ii) VIDA V1 Pro at Rs 1.39 lakh